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These Thank You's make it all worth it!

Written By, Secret Marquez

"My husband and I relocated to Orange County a few yrs ago and prior to that the only babysitter we ever used was mother-in-law! So obviously the babysitter/daycare scene was very scary for my husband & I. All I can say is "thank god" that we found Monica & Katie - how fortunate I was that day scrolling through the website that I found her number and called. I had been calling at least a dozen daycares that day and she just stuck in my head after speaking with her.


Our 6yr old stayed with monica about 6 mo. before kinder and our 3yr old has been there for 2 yrs. He loves it there, has met friends and has made mommy & daddy little gifts. He runs to their door every morning, excited. He has learned important things like "clean up" (and he applies it at home), sharing and most importantly, how to interact with other kids and socialize. During the potty training stage, Monica & Katie were great in helping me out with the potty schedule and helped me get through it when he returned to the daycare. My little man was allowed to act like the crazy boy that he is with all his energy, but was also taught to keep the rules. They have watched him go from "one of the pack" to "the leader of the pack" with all the confidence and security that he felt from being at Monica's and being comfortable. A Family It Definitely Is!!!


I would recommend Monica's Day Care to anybody in a heartbeat, and this is coming from a mom that still doesn't leave her 3yr old and almost 7 yr old with anybody other than family. I've seen her with infants and up, and she is great with all ages!


I want to say thank you so much Monica, Katie and Lety for all your help and affection in transitioning my children into the world of daycare & school. My little man adores you guys & you have made an impact in his little world!"

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