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Calworks Accepted

We are usually full but you never know, openings can change at any time. So it's best to call or email for availability. Email is best because I can get back to you when I'm not with my kids. I also like email better because then I have a record of your contact and can tag you for the waiting list. Please include the following information: 
  • Childs exact age now
  • Desired start date
  • Days of the week needed
  • Usual drop off and pick up times
When I get word of an opening, I send out a blast email to everyone who has emailed me with that opening date. So, even if I don't respond to your email, you are technically on my email blast list!
If you respond to my email, then you can come down and meet me and my helpers and see the place! I look forward to hearing from you!

14781 Holt Avenue
Tustin, California
*We do not offer tours if we 
do not have openings.

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